Solar Energy.

What is Solar Energy?

It is the renewable energy that is given by taking advantage of the radiation that comes from the sun in the form of light and heat.

The sun produces an average daily energy of 4wkh per m² , which is converted by:

Photovoltaic Panel

(1 m² with 20% efficiency)


80 Wh

A 100W vial lit for 8 hours


Generate Electricity
  • Solar products
  • Electrical requirements
  • External lighting

Thermal Collector

(1 m² for hot water)


65 Lt / day

2 showers with hot water


Generate Heat
  • Domestic hot water
  • Heating
  • Heated pool

The sun has unlimited potential


Only with 2% of the solar radiation the deserts receive could the entire planet be provided with energy.


By the year 2100 it is estimated that 70% of the energy consumed worldwide is of solar origin.

Arica and Parinacota is enabled for Solar Energy

Arica Parinacota region map

The arica and Parinacota region has the potential to become the capital of solar energy :

  • Clear sky most of the year in almost the entire region
  • High levels of solar radiation
  • Availability of flat land
  • Privileged geographical location

It has a solar installation capacity of 43,000 MW which could supply electricity throughout the country.

Radiation on earth

It is the energy released by the sun, which when there is:

Cleared skies

80% hits the ground

20% is absorbed into the atmosphere or returned to space

Covered skies

30-60% is reflected towards space through clouds

5-20% is absorbed by clouds

The Earth is heated by radiation of the energy it receives, emitted from the ground.
Only a small part is heated by absorption.

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  • (EducarChile + Ministry of Energy + ACHEE)

Solar map of the region

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Diagram: Flow of the Sun

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