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Enabling on-grid system in photovoltaic plant and energy management program, Altos de Azapa

The project consists of the recovery of a disused 50 kWp photovoltaic plant and the installation of three inverters, electrical channeling, procedures and permits, in order to connect the plant to the electrical network taking advantage of the net billing law, thus allowing savings of money by farmers, both for the use of solar energy and also for the sale of surpluses to the grid.


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Project Update

The Altos de Azapa project is operating with the photovoltaic system recovered through the project's investments, and training was carried out to optimize the use of energy and thus achieve the objective of saving on the electricity bill. A final training activity is pending for the Altos de Azapa Farmers Association, whose members are 41 small Aymara farmers, to address certain gaps in the use of the facilities.

Equivalences Table

  • Power W: -
  • Number of panels: -
  • Nominal power kW: 52,75
  • Daily production kWh/day: 342,875
  • Monthly production kWh/month: 10.286,25
  • Annual production kW/h/year: 11.980,8
  • Useful life production kWh/project: 3.085.875
  • Mode: On grid
  • Status: Partially operational
  • Equivalence per household: 57 (57 households could be fed)

About the area:

Gerardo Espíndola Rojas


This town is located at km 34 of Route A-27, which connects the city of Arica with the Azapa Valley. The main economic activity in the town corresponds to agriculture, mainly greenhouse vegetables. Its farmers are associated under the wing of the Altos de Azapa Farmers Association, whose members are 41 small Aymara farmers with an average farm area of 1.5 inhabitants.

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