Community Projects.

Mi Ayllu Solar Project
La Estrella

Reactivation of agricultural activity in the foothills using solar energy and efficient use of water

The project contributes to the sustainable productive development in the Putre commune, through agricultural applications based on solar energy. The energy supply is 100% solar origin for pumping / irrigation and for production processes, cold, machine operation and for community use.


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Project Update

The community project of La Estrella de Ticnamar is in the implementation stage and work will resume in the area once the contingency has been overcome by COVID 19.

Equivalences Table

  • Power W: 280
  • Number of panels: 54
  • Nominal power kW: 15.12
  • Prod. daily kWh / day: 98.28
  • Prod. monthly kWh / month: 2,948.4
  • Prod. annual kW / year: 35,380.8
  • Prod. useful life kWh / project: 884,520
  • Mode: Off grid
  • Status: No
  • Equivalence per household: 16 (16 households could be fed)
  • * Residential Electricity Consumption Arica y Parinacota 181 kWh / month. Source: CNE 2018

About the area:

Maricel Gutiérrez Castro

Aymara Indigenous Community of La Estrella

The Aymara de la Estrella Indigenous Community has 27 members and a total of 15 families with a constitution date of June 16, 1998, registered in the CONADI registry of indigenous communities.


The members of the Community are in the vast majority farmers and merchants who work and cultivate mainly in the Azapa Valley. The lands and the rights that the Community possesses in Ticnamar present enormous development potential, but currently, the partners carry out only temporary activities in the sector, mainly cultivating and harvesting alfalfa.

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