Community Projects.

Mi Ayllu Solar Project
Pampa Concordia

Construction of tomato solar packing for small farmers group

Construction of a 100% solar powered tomato packing with lithium battery storage, to calibrate, clean and pack the tomato production of the Arica y Parinacota Small Farmers Association.


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Project Update

Currently the project is in the closing stage and the Association of Small Farmers of Arica and Parinacota - Pampa Concordia were legally formalized in the Agro Concordia Cooperative and, due to the contingency by Covid-19, they have positioned themselves in the Arica commune market as a home delivery offer through its website . They hope very soon to continue with the goals of exporting their products to other regions and abroad.

Equivalences Table

  • Potencia W: 320
  • Cantidad de paneles: 48
  • Potencia nominal kW: 15,36
  • Prod. diaria kWh/día: 99,84
  • Prod. mensual kWh/mes: 2.995,2
  • Prod. anual kW/año: 35.942,4
  • Prod. vida útil kWh/proyecto: 898.560
  • Modalidad: Off grid
  • Estado: Parcialmente Operativa
  • Equivalencia por hogar: 17 (se podría alimentar 17 casas)
  • *Consumo Eléctrico residencial Arica y Parinacota 181 kWh/mes. Fuente: CNE 2018

About the area:

Gerardo Espíndola

Association of Small Farmers of Arica and Parinacota

The Small Farmers Association of Arica and Parinacota, winner of Lot B of Pampa Concordia, located 6 kilometers from the border with Peru, is made up of 80 farmers who transformed a desert terrain into a productive field. Each producer takes over 4 hectares of land and currently they are mainly dedicated to tomato production, followed by paprika, corn, salad cucumber and Italian squash.

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