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Reference Project
Caleta Vítor

Processing of agricultural products with solar energy

This project seeks to add value to the fruit and vegetable production of the Vítor and Chaca valleys through the implementation of a dehydrated processing system that operates with solar energy. With this infrastructure it is expected that farmers can see their incomes increase and therefore improve their quality of life.


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Project Update

The Vitorsol cooperative arranged the delivery of a land for lease with an option to purchase with the Ministry of National Assets, where it will transfer Stage I of the project and build Stage II, thus ensuring the sustainability of the project over time, since so far it is located on private land leased to one of the members of the cooperative.

The Caleta Vítor reference project is fully built and in the process of starting a white march once the contingency has been overcome by COVID 19.

Equivalences Table

  • Cantidad de paneles: 16
  • Potencia nominal kW: 5,12
  • Prod. diaria kWh/día: 33,28
  • Prod. mensual kWh/mes: 998,4
  • Prod. anual kW/año: 11980,8
  • Prod. vida útil kWh/proyecto: 299.520
  • Modalidad: Off grid
  • Estado: Operativa
  • Equivalencia por hogar: Consumo eléctrico de 6 hogares
  • *Consumo Eléctrico residencial Arica y Parinacota 181 kWh/mes. Fuente: CNE 2018

About the area:

Gerardo Espindola


Caleta Vítor is a small fishing cove in the Arica y Parinacota region of northern Chile. In administrative matters it responds to the commune of Arica. On the coast you can find a cave with pictographs and cave paintings, which represent animals in reddish tones and are part of the archaeological culture of the region. Textiles and plant fiber mats and human bone remains have been found in this town, belonging to the Chinchorro culture, predominant in the region.

How to get to Caleta Vítor?

From Arica, going south on Route 5 at approximately 50 km, you reach the Chaca valley, where there is a fork to the east to go to the town of Chaca and to the west to go to Caleta Vítor. The project is located at km 0.5 of this last route.

* The conservation of the archaeological heritage of the area is in charge of the National Monuments Council.

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Caleta Vítor